About us

Coda was created in 2021 when Connor and David met after they were both scammed by the same person on Marktplaats.

Sometimes things turn out the way they should, because without this person we probably would never have met.

We clicked immediately; we had the same interests in collecting and were both very enterprising.

In no time one thing led to another. As collectors, we felt that there were too few TCG supplies available in Europe, and especially in the Netherlands. And what do you do if the things you need are not available? Then you publish them yourself. :)

We started with semirigid cardholders and soft sleeves (the two items you need to have your cards graded by Beckett or PSA, for example), but within a year we expanded to our own product line and currently offer 14 different products! With the possibility to grow to 50-100 different own products.

We strive to eventually have all TCG supplies in stock and to become the largest wholesaler in Europe with our own product line. Anything for which there is sufficient demand, we can have it made or design it ourselves.

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