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Codacollect Soft Sleeves (100 pieces)

Codacollect Soft Sleeves (100 pieces)

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Warranty and Returns Policy

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For every TCG collector who wants to protect his collection with the utmost care: discover our “Soft Sleeves”. These sleeves are specially designed to keep your cards safe and in perfect condition. Made from a flexible, translucent material, they ensure your cards are protected while still remaining clearly visible. Each pack comes with 100 sleeves.


  • Soft and Safe Material
  • Crystal Clear Transparency
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy in use
  • Durable and Long Lifespan

Why Choose Our Ultra-Soft Sleeves?

  1. Exceptional Protection: They keep your cards safe and are ideal for everyday use.
  2. Ease of use: Ideal for both beginners and experienced collectors.
  3. Aesthetically Appealing: Keep your cards visible and in perfect condition.
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